ClearView Ministries

ClearView Church began in 2009 with the mission to love God, love people, and to serve the world. We are conservative in theology but seek to be innovative in methodology. We are now meeting in our newly renovated worship & ministry center at 307 West Main Street in Waynesboro, VA. When you come to ClearView, you will experience a fellowship full of laughter, and conversation before worship. During worship, you will hear God’s people give praise to God and seek to serve Him with all our hearts. The children and students have their own worship, and the sermon will be Biblical and relevant. ClearView Church is full of folks who seek to love God while struggling through everyday issues we all face. What is special about ClearView is the willingness to be real in our struggles while supporting and challenging each other to love God by loving obedience. We often say, “Jesus changes everything!” Jesus wants to changes everything for you and ClearView wants to help! Come join us and rejoice because Jesus does make all things new!


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